The power of imagination

I am not going to waste time on bringing people up to speed concerning occult practices and esoteric views; who by now still has no clue what may be going on in today’s world, surrounding space and nearby or distant space-less realms, is risking his or her life and that of their offspring. Time is tight in this cyclical confinement; they should either do research of their own to get some level of understanding or stay away. Those who sense the nature of ongoing events and plans, continue to read. Be aware that the situation man is in is different beyond the meaning of the word in common perception.

What I shared towards the end in my previous blog entry, should give the aware, who suspect where this is going, a rough idea of the cause of the miserable state of this world and the intention of those that induced the misery. This is necessary to know the villains that are after the souls of mankind. In a number of Hollywood productions a tip of the veil is raised – some to (cryptically) inform, others to blatantly mislead. They are a mere reference (that I just mentioned as an example with which many are familiar) around which each person has to build his or her awareness and besides that, there are sources less known that have better information, allowing researchers to build a better understanding of the fake reality and the reality that is purposely kept away from the public view.

The soul hunters are not from this planet and not from this dimension, it does not narrow down the possibilities, which is intentional. They are capable of invoking events that are so big and impacting that the uninformed typically ascribe them to natural phenomena, assisted in keeping this misinterpretation alive by bogus science and corrupt press. In other words: such event have nothing to do with the current human potential. It can therefore be concluded that the secrecy veiling their strategy is put in place, because the they know that mankind has the (currently oppressed) potential to unravel the process if it has enough information to connect the dots. To the evil ones secrecy is therefore of utmost importance. It is not just a main pillar of their plan, the very nature of their existence depends on it.

And like I wrote before, it is no use to fight them with means in which they are superior to every earthly being. But the very reason why they are after man’s treasured essence, holds the key to break their annihilative plan, after which the hunters become the hunted. Knowing this alone should be some sort of a cure to relieve despair. When reduced to a level at which sound reasoning is possible, hope will grow like weed on steroids on fertile soil to continue existence in the way it was intended to continue. But first prey must chase and kill the hunters. They must not have mercy – the evil spawn never had it with their victims. So, grant them nothing. This may sound like the biblical eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth type of revenge, but it simply is to prevent or at least obstruct the totalitarian rule that is currently imposed on societies.

Soma, psyche, pneuma

Of course, things never are as complicated as they seem – they are much more intricate. But, no machines are needed, no systems, no power grid – just the unleashed power of the mind. So, take a deep breath and start imagining the true power of the mind, the companion of the body and soul – soma, psyche, pneuma – in this plane that was created to be crushed. The journey ahead may be an escape from this prison teeming with cyclical maelstroms (Samsara) allowing souls to enjoy infinite progress (Moksha). Focus hard, it is going to be a rough ride over dangerous paths. But what waits at the end is worth the hardship.

I conclude this blog entry with a poem I wrote many years ago, that tells of evil immortals who rule us from behind the veil. Immortals can’t be killed, but never forget that our souls are immortal as well. Man’s soul can be locked up, forced to go through seemingly endless cycles of abuse and despair, but our souls will always remain immortal. Nothing and no one can change that. Whether we can free ourselves or be freed in this lifetime or not, that possibility will remain within reach of immortals beings infinitely.


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