Coherence of thought

A few thoughts on coherent thought that may help us get out of the current mess we are in.

Dr. William Tiller: If those praying are coherent they can make things happen, if they’re not they make things worse, praying being just an other form of thought. Coherence of thought matters. The event labeled as the Big Bang, fragmented and separated matter and energy into large and small clusters each of which developed its own perception. Coherence contributes to re-unifying the once existing unity. Confusion however is intentionally induced into society’s perception to cause incoherence in people’s thoughts and actions, commonly achieved by mixing lies with shards of the truth in order to seed disagreement among those onto which confusion is imposed. Disagreement of course is the foundation of the divide and conquer strategy that causes the unaware to fight among each other, allowing rulers to remain in power.

In and outside of Samsara

The main tool to cause confusion is Propaganda, which is comparable to shooting at an elephant with a BB-gun. Mind control is similar to nuking it. Today (2021) mainstream media news commonly is nothing but blatant propaganda (i.e. fake news spread by officially approved channels) that affects those that are receptive to it. Tomorrow high tech mind control (the Voice of God – a type of energy directed weapon) may address each single person in the way the controllers desire. Control will go past the point where only people’s thoughts are directed; at one point their actions and well being (causing health or illness) will be remote controlled. This will be part of AI’s Trans Humanism system that will decide – based on a person’s social credit – who must be ‘corrected’ and who is allowed to live and who is not. When death ends a person’s lifecycle, the information and awareness accumulated during those years disappears, since at the instance of reincarnation memories of a previous life are erased (Samsara, the endless cycle of death and rebirth from which Moksha is an escape to infinite progress). So, we are not here to learn in order to progress (as incognisant new-agers and related dubious groups claim), we are here to forget and comply, over and over again.

Samsara vs Moksha

We’re looking at a one way mirror and do not know who is looking at us (ET’s / extra dimensional entities). We do not know to whom or what we own debt (in 2018) A few years ago it was estimated that 21 trillion USD of the US government spending was unaccounted for…. Governments are the greatest debtors on the planet and they tax the population to pay they have made, so even if we do not have a single loan or mortgage we are in debt by proxy. This world’s combined debt is humongous (in 2021) that barely is expressible in numbers. In the US an estimated 1 million USD per capita goes into dark projects / black ops without people having the faintest idea where their hard earned money goes – in fact no one knows where the money goes – but the people pay for them as if they were the ones who applied for funding the projects (in which they had no say whatsoever). The money disappears and goes somewhere for a reason that no one knows, to a collector no one knows.

Some sources, like Prof. Mark Skidmore, suggest the money is disappearing in even much greater numbers (145 trillion USD in the defense department alone….) than mentioned in the paragraph above, which is alarming, because money makes the world go round and if there isn’t any left or even enough left in the official system, things may come to a grinding halt. Not much imagination is necessary to see who will be at the short end of the stick if the system collapses. It is kept secret from mankind and the nature of the secrecy and deceit most definitely is the aim to destroy humankind (which makes sense in view of the perpetually devolving misery in which man is trapped). And to make things worse, this is not something that only takes place in the US, but all over the world in many countries. Money is sucked out at great pace from societies that generated the currency with their labour, but do not profit from it. Now tell me that governments aren’t corrupt and ruthless. They are all traitors of the people that trusted them to manage society in a proper and just manner, while they are in fact doing the exact opposite. If society allows this conduct to continue to happen, rulers will continue to oppress and abuse society, it is as simple as that.

To those who disagree with me, I challenge them to show me one thing in the development of society in the long run that benefits mankind. In my opinion not a single person on the planet benefits from the debt (s)he is paying for, not even the ultra rich that are a mere transient go between that are appointed to funnel the money in return for which they are granted temporary privileges. Fiat currency may be worthless, but the asset to which governments plan to reconnect it after the US abandoned the Bretton Woods System – GOLD – is meant to disappear to someone somewhere sometime. Preparation mumbo jumbo has already been put in place. Now there are planets and asteroids in the universe that contain multitudes of the amount of gold present on earth, but currency is not the objective – gold is just a bonus. The ultimate goal is the paralysing the soul of man (they can’t kill the human soul, because it is immortal and part of a much greater whole).

Fortunately human has the power to direct coherent thought in a different direction and related to that is the power to create different (beneficial) conditions. It is this talent that made us into prey, because it makes us a threat to whoever or whatever is targeting us. Probably very few other life forms in this universe have that power. So, somewhere above all (or most) life forms is the predatory entity or power that aims to eradicate all potential competition. Our only chance is to make our potential work. Or get help from others that have our best interest at heart. Meanwhile we should develop and use our innate talents at the foundation of which must be coherent thought that we must use to process relevant information in order to be able to oppose those who oppose us.


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