Cyclical processes prevent infinite progress

In the second blog entry I posted in this blog sequence, I placed a symbol representing soma, psyche, pneuma (body, mind and soul or spirit) that often is explained in dubious ways that have no relation to the secret that distorts what we are made to think reality is. It often is explained as a symbol for the holy trinity, fire or fertility, but those speculations make no sense and the reasoning behind these views are incoherent and lack credible evidence or serve to mislead. This bonkers mindset is typical for control / belief systems and science that are put in place to cause humans to not find the truth. Anyone who proves that these hallucinations are mere inventions that serve to sustain the ruling class’ self acclaimed position of authority, is vigorously banned or ostracized, because their stature in society grants them rewarding privileges and plenty digit bank accounts. Control systems inherently are evil; they serve to force the controlled to believe whatever the controllers want them to believe, in order to have power over them. Below this paragraph I placed an image of some of these related symbols to avoid misunderstanding, bearing in mind that if a picture says more than a 1000 words, a symbol says more than a 1000 pictures.


In the book ‘Alice in Wonderland’ literal and visual metaphors are presented of the above symbols. Possibly in attempt to criticize religious and scientific creativeness without running the risk of being burnt at the stake or become the victim of other acerbic measures that highbrow polity may impose. The book was probably condoned, because the big wigs thought that most readers would not be able to figure out the gist of the writings and think they were some sort of fairy tale. Or perhaps their own inability to understand the words properly persuaded them to approve the publishing of this book. There is a cryptic literal metaphor in the book reads as follows:

The secret is not great when one knows it.
But it is something to one who does it.
Turn and turn again and we will also turn,
So that we give pleasure to each of you.
And when we have turned, count our ears,
It is there, without any disguise, you will find a marvel

These enigmatic lines are accompanied by symbols of three hares that run around in circles that you see below this paragraph, which are crafty pieces of spiritual art.

The third piece that dates from the middle ages and has an X behind the hares. The X represents steganography that is the use of various methods to hide information from unwanted eyes, while making it public, also known as hiding in plain sight. In ancient times, steganography was mostly done visually in symbolic imagery. This particular image I have come to explain as follows:

The 3 turning hares in front of the X, represent soma, psyche and pneuma. The turning refers to the cyclical nature of processes in this dimension, i.e. the endless cycle of death and rebirth that the Buddhists refer to as Samsara. The big X in the background stands for the big secret (think of the proverbial mysterious person, Mister X), that mankind in the flesh is denied immortality because in this dimension (s)he must live in endlessly repeating physical form. The wiping of memory of information gathered in previous lives at each instant of rebirth serves to prevent humans from accumulating knowledge and in doing so, make infinite progress. The human soul is immortal, but in physical form mankind can be forced to have inevitable different (colliding) perceptions in 3 dimensions, so that man can see only 3 rabbit ears while there are in fact 6, which means he is blind to some of the dimensions surrounding and pervading him. They are a secret he knows nothing about, which is signified by the X – the mystery or unknown. Samsara forces each human to exist in physical form and start all over again countless times, never making any real progress. It is an efficient way to prevent infinite progress. Buddhist faith however says that Moksha is an escape from Samsara. Moksha is the long, hard road to infinite progress. One can only escape from a situation of confinement, which is a prison, what Samsara really is.

The circular text in the middle image reads like a riddle:

‘Drei Hasen und der Ohren drei und doch hat Keiner mehr als Zwei.’ (Alsace)
which in English means:
‘Three hares, and three ears, and yet not one has more than two.

Three hares have six ears, so the hares in the symbol showing only a total of three ears, is a visual metaphor of overlapping dimensions, three of which commonly are not visible to ordinary humans. This could imply that in and around humans, dimensions manifest that people are unaware of, due to their enforced perceptional limitations. But being unable to detect them does not mean they are not there and / or are unable to affect people’s lives. For instance physical life is possible only when a soul is confined inside a human body. When the soul leaves the body, the human is dead, but the soul lives on. During his or her life most men and women are told that they are essentially souls caught in flesh and blood of which they have no coherent concept. Their souls are trapped in matter to make them run in circles without end.

Christians and misguided spiritual people often say that man is cast in physical earthly life to learn. But if memory of previous lives is erased at rebirth, it is rather difficult to learn anything at all. If in university at the beginning of each semester the students’ memory is erased, each semester would teach the same as the previous and future ones allowing human to repetitively gain but a very limited measure of knowledge that is not increased in following semesters. An extreme inference to this purposely flawed circumstance is people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, who have to be told the same thing over and again in a short period of time, because they are unable to remember what they have just been told; it is a compressed situation of death and rebirth. Having memory is imperative to having knowledge, the lack of it causes stupidity, which is why today’s world is in a terrible mess.

So, the cyclical processes in which humans are trapped – day and night rhythm, the need to eat and drink and relieve processed food and drink each day, the changing of the seasons, the perpetual cycle of death and rebirth – is not a situation one would suspect a benevolent Creator to inflict on the life (s)he created. In fact, this feels more like an evil cycle from which it is difficult to escape. A proper almighty being would allow man to infinitely progress. But since this is not the case and the Creator is not of this earth, as the bible and associated scriptures claim, the bloke or bitch screwing mankind over (pardon my French) must be a malefic extraterrestrial or extra dimensional entity, system or organization – a higher (but not necessarily benevolent) form of life. In any event not a thing worthy of worship and donations. If this entity were a fellow dweller of earth, (s)he or it would be chased by his or her victims with pitch forks and AR-15’s for plunging them in an unprovoked misery.

The cyclical wretchedness imposed on all life on earth simply can not be perpetrated by a human or humans from this planet; it simply is too big, too complex and too far outside of human capacity. No human person on earth is capable of setting up a system of capturing souls after people die and sending them into a system of endless reincarnation and memory wiping. Such a system being the only option to limit the innate talents of man’s souls that are immortal as a result of which they can not be killed. It is important to explain that mankind is facing a much bigger and more powerful foe (from elsewhere) whose scope and nefarious intentions are carefully kept hidden from the average person. Hence the extensive system of secrecy and classification concerning life determining measures inflicted on the human species. This implies that opposing these evil forces will not be successful by using the purposely limited methods and tools that that the evil powers granted to mankind. Man must grow past that level of constrained limitation to make changes on a higher level to return to the type of existence that was bestowed on his kind to begin with.

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