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Below this paragraph is an experimental, allegorical vector drawing I created in Affinity Designer mostly with some supporting work in Affinity Photo. At this point it still is a work in progress. On the girl’s upper arm a tattoo of the symbol of Shiva is visible. It refers to the ‘God’, who is named the Destroyer, but is also believed to be the Creator of this universe, which may indicate that he is behind the repetitive sequence of circumstances that undeniably apply to every course of events in this dimension. Shiva created everything, allows it to rise to an ambit and then destroys it, over and again – as is seen in the the perpetual rise and fall of civilizations.

In the Sacred Book of the Hindus volume 5 (second edition) it literally says:
‘God is enjoyer or eater of the universe’, which is difficult to interpret in any other way than that humankind is included in God’s menu. Let that sink in. Bear in mind also that this Hindu script predates Christian documents by many centuries, which means that it dates from times much closer to when mythology claims that the ‘Gods’ still roamed the earth and mankind did not yet forget what took place in the history preceding it or at least had a less contaminated memory of it than those who were reincarnated centuries later. The Sacred Book rules out other interpretations than Shiva being the eater of the universe and says:

The Eater can be the Highest Self only, because the eating of the whole universe of moveables and immovables is possible only in the case of Brahma. The words Brahma and the Katriya are merely illustrative, and the whole universe sprinkled over by Death is referred to here as the Food. Such food can have no other Eater than the Supreme Self, for no Jiva can eat the whole universe. The word “sauce or condiment” is a thing which, while itself being eaten, causes other things to be eaten.

Therefore, while the Death itself is consumed, being a condiment as it were, it makes other things palatable. Therefore the Eater of the whole universe made palatable by Death, can mean only the Lord in His aspect of Destroyer; when at the time of Pralaya He withdraws all things within Himself, Therefore, the Supreme Self must be taken here to be the Eater.

The duality of Shiva’s aptness is directly related to the nature of cyclical processes, which most likely means that they are not particularly beneficial to everything within this universe. At least not to life within this dimension. It should urge beings capable of coherent thought to try to figure out if there are other dimensions that are less hostile to life forms – assuming that duality is applicable to everything that was called forth by a creator with a dualistic mindset. So, those not content with being food, would be wise to contemplate this matter in a manner with a scope that is extensive enough to include all possible options imaginable, not just the ones that obviously have intentionally been put before them. Such as a predator creator with an insatiable appetite, whose gluttonous appetence inevitably results in an inestimable amount of shit (pardon my French) in the declining phase of processes in this material universe, which is kind of difficult to deny these days for those who have proper command over their senses and brain.

Dancing Shiva (of which exist several versions)

As stated in the previous blog entry: cyclical processes prevent infinite progress. A characteristic related to infinite progress is that it does not make a lot of sense that immortal souls have to start from scratch at each instant of reincarnation. Progress should be endless for immortal souls, not perpetually chopped up in repetitive stints that are the main characteristic of reincarnation (which therefore is – you guessed it – cyclical). Those who agree with the train of thought in this blog entry should probably attempt to explore the cause of and reason for the ill logic that molds the recurrent fate of life in this universe. Those who disagree, should prepare to live countless lifetimes to regret it, although most of them probably are clueless about the heart of this article. Nevertheless, have a nice decade etc.

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  1. I won’t take a position on whether or not everything in existence was created by an ultimate creative entity that humans might regard as a god. However, I insist that if everything in existence was created, it was not created by any of the gods that any human knows anything at all about… because none of the thousands of gods known to human history have ever existed.

    None of the gods that humans are familiar with created humans. The reverse is actually what is true: All of those gods were created by men to serve useful purposes.

  2. As professor David Bohm once said: ‘Human knowledge is a perceptual enterprise.’, which in this dimension is the best we can do. I do not pretend to know anything with certainty and just offer matters for consideration.


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