Celestial subjugation of human souls

In the previous blog entry Shiva was the star of the show, but of course he was not the only ‘God’. There were many and most of them fought with other ones, deceived them, abused them and killed them, which is remarkable, since it begs the question; ‘How can an immortal being be killed?’ Killing in common perception in a 3 dimensional environment, means separating the soul from the material vehicle in an unnatural way, usually by a violent act. In this 3 dimensional realm material vehicles for the soul matter (hence the word) because they can do things, like observing, thinking, speaking and doing things. But besides those there are mindsets like understanding, imagining, conceptualizing and developing wisdom, all of which are ascribed to the ‘Gods’. In spite of that they seemed to spend a large chunk of the presence here with doing things that were not particularly from a wise mindset.

The jaguar and the rose

So, what about that? Why were the ‘Gods’ such a deceptive, plundering, incestuous, violent and murderous lot? Cronus castrated his father Uranus and ate his children, while Uranus was the son of Gaia who later married his mother. Those are, even by today’s increasingly immoral standards, heinous things to do. Seth (god of deserts, storms, disorder, violence, and foreigners) deceived and murdered his own brother Osiris after which he chopped him up and threw him in the Nile. Osiris’ sister and wife Isis, with the help of an other goddess Nephthys, later pieced together her husband Osiris with whom she had a son named Horus who later in life avenged the murder of his father Osiris and killed Seth. These are all acts most normal people of today would agree, are perversely evil, but still, those utterly amoral criminal entities are / were idolized as ‘Gods’.

Even the ‘God’ of the Christians, that claim him to be a merciful and loving ‘God’ enjoyed to smote and whack anyone he disliked, as is recorded in the bible, butchering a great number of people in numerous events. Not to mention the Great Flood in which he sought to wipe out the entire earth population. It is either an unspeakably ruthless thing to do or it may be a sign that there is a war in the heavens in which there is a fight between ‘Gods’ – all pretending to be the one and only ‘God’ – going on over command of this universe (which is in line with what the myths, legends and the bible tell). In any event, this probably is more than enough cause to make sensible people wonder if such entities are worth worship and figure out who these ‘Gods’ were and why they committed such atrocious crimes. This matters, because these ‘Gods’ are said to be immortal, so they probably are still around and God knows what the celestial villains are up to these days.

Christians may vehemently dismiss what is presented in the link in the previous paragraph, but bear in mind that everything we learned mostly is everything we have been taught, regardless if it was voluntary or if it was rammed down our throats. If in addition is considered the often quoted claim that everything we know is wrong, it could mean that evil (Satan, Lucifer) is in fact not what it is claimed to be and what is taught to be good (God) also is not, which may lead us to arrive at conclusions that differ quite a lot from common consensus. Turning things around and reversing things is a traditional habit of evil, which is why the claim that everything we know is wrong may have much farther reaching implications than is generally thought. It could mean that the mindsets and rolls of Satan and God were purposely reversed.

Immortality, by the way, implies that beings with such a property have always existed and will always exist. It also is suspected to be the case for immortal human souls. Mankind may therefore have existed alongside these celestial felons for an immeasurably long period of time already. And bearing in mind the mindset of the ‘Gods’, as reported in legends and myths, mankind has suffered from their cruel conduct an equally long time. But since this universe is compartmentalized in countless dimensional spheres, which could mean that there may be a possibility to transcend to a different one where these crooks are not present. In fact, given the fact that there are countless realms, this is quite a real possibility.

A number of human souls may already have been helped to leave this miserable dimension for that reason. They could even exist in a dimension that is allowed to intertwine with the current one on earth without anyone noticing. The fact that they vibrate at a level that makes them undetectable for human life native to this dimension. But that does not mean that their actions are not capable of affecting life as mankind experiences it. This of course goes for the evil ‘Gods’, their relatives and their following as well as benevolent entities that aim to harmonize or undo the evil agenda, much of which is, as I mentioned before, undetectable or difficult to notice for the likes of humankind in its current state.

Man is capable of observing just a minute part of vibrations that occur in his native dimension; he can theorize about the existing vibrational events, but actually knowing what impact they have, is beyond his power, because his soul’s original powers is repressed. It is a matter of discovering the right theory (which therefore is no longer a theory) and trying to understand less hostile higher dimensions in order to be able to manifest inside those as well. That would allow the oppressed soul of man to contribute to escaping the evil powers that come from higher dimensions by transmigrating to even higher dimensions. The fact that man is fiercely dumbed down and poisoned through all sorts of means, probably means that the oppressors of the human soul fear that the species of man will discover a way out of their tyrannical reign.

Escape from cyclical prison

So potentially, man is not inescapably at the mercy of higher beings if he succeeds in gaining the knowledge and wisdom necessary to think and act at their level of existence. These are the extraterrestrials and extra dimensional entities referred to in my previous blog entries. The purpose of this blog is to attempt to allow the human species to raise its awareness and ability to the level of higher planes. There are relatively unknown methods that could be used to increase awareness that are not known in the sphere of those caught in the imposed common comfort zone. They are used by operators in black projects for intentions that are not beneficial to mankind, now trapped in this 3 dimensional realm, but they could also be used by those whose interest it is to regain the type of existence that once was the world of mankind (i.e. the immortal souls of man), which is a realm where immortal human souls progress infinitely.


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