Where is this blog going?

So, why have I written all the previous blog entries? The answer is simple, but its implications are complex. It is impossible to know where to go without having an idea of aspects determining life in a broader sense than is commonly perceived, which is why I wrote the previous blog entries. I urge those who happened to stumble up on these pages to read what I wrote earlier in this blog.

Trying to understand the symbol of the tree of life would be a good start to gain an understanding of the complexity of life – its underpinning relations, meaning and purpose. As I have written before, life is not we have been programmed to think it is. Seeing reality beyond the smoke screens of the illusion in which life evolves, is the first step to making ones presence in this dimension count.

Celtic tree of life

Above ground trees have a trunk, branches, leafs while some bear fruit and / or have flowers. Below ground they have roots. The above ground part accumulates energy from light and nitrogen, the subterranean part gathers the water and food that the tree needs to exist. Without either one of those parts the tree would not be able to exist. The same goes for life, which is why the tree was chosen to symbolize life.

The above ground part we can see. Trees provide shade, generate oxygen, give us fruit and make the landscape beautiful. We use the tree’s wood to build houses, furniture, bridges etc. The below ground part we do not see; we can stand above it and remain clueless about what is going on below us. Buried underneath the soil the tree’s roots are in symbiosis with fungi that are the subterranean network, the inhumed internet that performs countless functions that forests need to exist. If a tree is sick, the fungi take it out and decide what type of vegetation it must be replaced with or not.

What goes on beneath the soil we can’t see. It is an entirely different dimension than the one we exist in. But it does not care what we know or don’t know about it, it continues to do its work and preserves life, even if as a result of human interference the forest becomes a steppe, desert or urban development. Even if it takes thousands of years to carry out its plan. In meso and south America for instance, cities of ancient civilizations have completely been recaptured by the forest.

But life is not restricted to what goes on below our feet. The Dogon tribe in Africa understood that and based their agriculture on the movement of the stars. Dogon read backwards, by the way, spells No God. Many aspects below and above ground, and forces far beyond the human ability to perceive determine life. In modern times cannabis growers know that the cultivation of their plants is related with the movement of the moon. Life has its tentacles spread all over the universe in numerous dimensions, timelines and probably even in other universes. The fact that we know little or nothing about that, does not affect it at all.

But if we want to have some influence over life, we should make an effort to learn about it. Preferably not in the way in which current leadership is indoctrinating mankind, which is walking down a dead end street. Those with an open mind and talent to think independently and coherently, based on intelligently and empathically acquired information, see that earth and all life on it is guided / coerced to walk a path of painful destruction. Transhumanism strives to turn natural life into a system of machines that can be programmed by those in control. This is not a sustainable enterprise; at some point life will regain power to full extent or the transhumanist world will become barren beyond repair after which life will continue elsewhere.

Not that the nefarious, dystopian choices made by the powerful on and above earth will be able to destroy all life. It may destroy humanity as we know it, but the human soul is immortal. That is the one gift that evil powers are unable to destroy. Regardless if that leadership is human or not, which probably is why the Dogon are named the Dogon. Most of the Gods written about in human literature are evil beyond the comprehension of the average human. But the aware must realize that they have god-like talents hidden inside themselves, inside their soul, because immortality is a gift bestowed onto ‘Gods’. This most likely means that there is a power above all known deities. The current human lifespan merely is an imposed property induced by villainous entities that prefer to pretend that they are ‘Gods’ to limit the original human powers. They abuse the power granted to them and will be punished severely for doing so.

Humankind needs to understand that deep within it there is a power equal to or greater than that of those who oppress it. If this is not understood and therefore unconditionally believed, there is no way man is going to defeat his tyrants. This must always be in the back of your mind when diving deep into searching for information about how to become a better and stronger person. Unfortunately because of the fact that human is cast into and kept imprisoned in this dimension of limitation and paradox, that is the way to go about these matters.

Where is this blog going? Towards gaining the understanding mentioned in the above paragraph. Towards understanding that what is represented by the symbol of the tree of life is more powerful than the evil ‘Gods’ that hold this dimension hostage. I will share thoughts and knowledge concerning these things in the blog entries to come. Stay tuned, stay alert, stay curious and become who you were destined to be, beyond the one into whom one was forged.


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