Escape from prison

In the repetitive brief span of human existence in this dimension of matter, an awareness must be achieved that allows to understand that earthly life is not the type of existence in which immortal human souls belong. This awareness has to be gained in a single lifetime, because at each instant of rebirth memory of information and consciousness gathered in previous lives is erased. Each newborn starts from scratch, therefore the opportunity for immortal souls to continuously learn and as a result infinitely progress, is intentionally crippled. The introduction of Max Gorman‘s book ‘Stairway to the stars’, reiterates how the majority of people has been living for many centuries as a result of the sequential trapping of the human soul in a cyclical prison:

We are born, we live, we die. Not really understanding what these experiences really mean. We come – we know not whence? We stay – we know not why? And we go – we know not whither? But while we are here, whatever and wherever ‘here’ really is, we live, or believe we live – whatever we mean by that. For indeed it may be, as the Sufi mystics claim, that ‘It is a fundamental mistake of man’s to think that he is alive – when he has merely fallen asleep in Life’s waiting room.’ Nevertheless, we do experience something, the state and experiences we call ‘life’, with all its joys and sorrows, sunsets and sunrises, storms and calms, delights and disturbances, dreams, and its sleeps. For are there not times when each of us feels that sense of being asleep – which the mystics might be referring to – when we have more than a suspicion that we are not really awake, that life is tinged with unreality, that we live as but a shadow of our self, and see only ‘Through a glass, darkly, but never face to face’? O what can ail thee, Knight-at-arms, Alone and palely loitering?

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff

Those who understood Gorman’s words, may find the essence of them difficult to deny. Most subsist in a mental slumber merely thinking that they are alive, awake and aware, while actually faltering in a realm of illusion in which they return after death each time they die. These cyclical stints of physical life just are slightly varied repetitions of previous ones that do not allow to infinitely progress. Related to Gorman’s words is a remark of mystic George Ivanovich Gurdjieff who once said:

‘You can escape from prison only if you realize that you are in prison.’

Without this awareness the will to escape ones prison isn’t there; either such persons mindlessly accept all they undergo as unavoidable incidents of life or they parrot the Christian and new-age creed that we are here to learn – which includes purposeless suffering and injustice – both of which are an insult to independent intelligence.

Bear in mind that most creeds merely are excuses that are deliberately put in place by those in power to persuade and force the powerless to dismiss the ability of rational thought, in order to induce their twisted way of thinking into the brains of their dumbed down victims. Rational thought on a higher level leads to the consideration of unintentionally obtained intuitive impulses that can not be explained by common reason, which therefore can no longer be labelled rational thought, but reflection beyond the ‘officially’ set limits of contemplation. Elevated perception leads to awareness and consciousness which are required to make real progress. In the life of every aware human, progress means finding a way out of this enforced cyclical imprisonment and repossess the untethered immortality of the human soul, as described by Pjotr Demjanovitsj Ouspenski, in order to be able to make infinite progress, instead of starting from scratch an indefinite number of times.

Pjotr Demjanovitsj Ouspenski

The obvious metaphor that can be made, is that the walls of the prison confining mankind are made out of imposed thought, beliefs and the mode of reasoning resulting from them. The bars in those walls allow to view what is outside, which makes every prisoner long to be outside his or her prison. But besides allowing a view on the ‘free’ world, the bars also prevent the prisoner from going there, because life in the physical realm in its entirety is a prison in which inmates suffer from the absence of freedom. The cyclical regime inside is more restricting than it is outside the prison walls; every day is governed by the continuous repetition of the same limited sequence of events. But both types of life are riddled with limitation and paradox, which is the delusive character of this highjacked dimension.

So, the only way to escape life in the physical, cyclical plane, starts with changing the way we think. If consenting rational thought offers no way out, carefully reasoned disagreement with generally accepted (i.e. imposed) paradigms, may open up new possibilities. The essence of the cliché everything you know, is wrong has infinitely more and further reaching implications than those who use it, realize. Without being thoroughly aware of what this implies, it is utterly useless to continue to follow this blog. But to those who see where a raised perception may lead to, it possibly is. I just aim to persuade people to consider unfamiliar angles and visit uncharted venues, that may produce numerous contributions to finding ways out.

Everything you know is wrong

Even if the information encountered in future blog entries is outside your comfort zone, take the time to let it sink in and give it a second thought without clasping to general consensus in society, religion and science. Remember that the train of thought defining these disciplines has led this world into the dire situation that it is in today, which will cause this civilization to fall, just like it caused ALL civilizations before the current one to fall – it is a cyclical process in which situations are repeated without end, so that NO REAL PROGRESS IS EVER MADE, because the powerful (the highest of which are not of this earth) made sure that mankind makes the same mistakes over and again, out of induced ignorance. Everything you know is wrong applies to every single human being, including and more specifically to those who rule this world or have ruled it in the past.

Changing life by gaining a different mindset may be familiar to those who have experienced a severely impacting event that resulted in having an entirely different view on many important matters. Such persons would have noticed that their revolutionized perception caused them to meet a different type of people than the ones they mingled with before. That is no coincidence; it is the mindset that is an itinerary through the space time in which live takes place. Think differently to lead a different type of life. Think in the proper way and you may find a way out of prison.

Don’t think that you are alone and therefore still powerless when striving for an elevated mode of thought, thereby building an awareness; if many do this an energy is radiated by those comparable minds that opposes the negative energy imposed in life in this plane by those in power. The Global Consciousness Project of Princeton University shows that developing a coherent consciousness by people all over the world actually has an impact on world affairs that is measurable. Your mind is the most powerful tool you possess, that requires no machine, system or approval from any self appointed authority in this world or elsewhere to work. But it is lulled to sleep and not doing what it can do. You must wake up to put it to work!

Consider this as well: if according to the Global Consciousness Project, it matters that you develop the kind of consciousness that will better this world and potentially allow you to escape this material earthly prison, because it affects world affairs, imagine what effect it has that over 7 billion people on the planet have but a crippled consciousness, a twisted one or no consciousness at all! Suppose there are 1 million people on earth who are truly conscious, that means that the ignorant, unaware and downright evil ones outnumber them 7000 times, which could account for the horrible mess the world of today is in. Still, do not let this discourage you, because a consciousness better aligned with universal law will have more impact on the real evolution of life than the absence of consciousness or one that conflicts with universal law.

Nefarious world powers know this too and therefore try to reduce the world population, because smaller numbers are easier to control. In addition the level of control they aim to implement in their new order is far beyond what is in place today – they want absolute control, so that the oppressed minds of their slaves radiate the type of negative energy that they need to remain in power. They will try to convince or force people in every way they can, to submit to their malignant hallucinations. This is what is taking place today, in order to pave the way for a depressingly dark tomorrow. But YOU hold the key to end this criminal design and in the process free yourself from the talons of this corrupted dimension. One of Ouspenski’s mind blowing quotes related to this, goes as follows:

I had come to the conclusion a long time ago that there was no escape from the labyrinth of contradictions in which we live except by an entirely new road, unlike anything hitherto known or used by us.’

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