Back in time with 3 billion times the speed of light

In one of my other blogs I calculated that earthly life near the fringe of the universe is traveling back in time with a mind blowing speed of 3 billion times the speed of light.

The speed at which earth revolves around its axis, is approximately 1600 kilometers per hour. Close to the pace of an F-16 fighter plane. Earth orbits around the sun at a speed of 112,000 kilometers per hour. Our solar system dashes around the center of the galaxy – the Milky way – at a pace of 800,000 kilometers per hour. The Milky way orbits around the center of the universe at a speed of 315.392 x 10^21 kilometers per hour. The speed of light is: 107.925. kilometers per hour.

That means that our galaxy travels around the center of the universe at a pace of approximately THREE BILLION times the speed of light…. The orbital speeds of objects in our galaxy and solar systems inside are not even included in this simple equation (….). It means that, relative to the center of the universe in linear sequential time, we are going back in time at tremendous speed. Locally however, we are heading towards a future inside an environment that, according to current academic perception, is racing back in time, because science states that any object that travels faster than light is going back in time (while gaining mass and being elongated).

So, I have no clue why Einstein claimed that in this universe nothing travels faster than light, because our entire galaxy does just that. This probably serves as a good example of how the public is fed scientific information that is debunked by science itself, that reveres Einstein as one of its all time heroes. I am just a humble, poorly educated lay person, which is idiota in Latin. But if it is this easy to differ using undeniable evidence with one of the axioms of one of science’ renown icons, it offers me the possibility to speak my mind, but it is probably proper decent conduct to leave doing that to the reader.

Mr. E.

And Mr. E (which is pronounced mystery) is in the good company of many of his equally famous and clued-up peers as history has shown many times. It therefore is a wise thing to take many things that authorities propose to be the undisputed truth with a grain of salt, although in this case a shedload of sodium chloride probably would be more appropriate. I guess the point I am trying to make here is do not mindlessly believe what those you think are experts, tell you. Experts have been known to advice people into death, companies into bankruptcy and countries into war. It is better to do some research and thinking of your own. Like you would do when considering to buy a car or house.

Fortunately I am no authority of anything whatsoever, but you may consider what I attempt to pass on in this blog, instead of casting what I share straight in the bin at first glance. I have no hidden agenda, just common sense. But common sense quite often is mistaken for common consensus, which is something I prefer to stay away from as far as possible, because it is that consensus that has allowed the powers that be to drive life on this planet into the miserable state it is in now. Economies are crashing, the environment is destroyed, famines are killing people all over the planet, like wars and disproportionate pandemic measures, while there is enough money to prevent all of this. The Rothschild family, for instance, has an estimated capital of 400 trillion USD and could easily turn earth into a good place to live for the entire world population on its own, without help of the other ‘elite’ families. Instead of helping their fellow men they prefer to sail around in their luxury yachts, fly about in the private jets and throw perverse parties.

So, it probably is a wise thing to do, to use the brain in a different way than is commonly accepted or more realistically, in ways that were rammed down our throats. Going back to the traveling back in time that I mentioned before: In the local setting of this universe life is heading for a future. Why is that the case? Why are the privileged and the abused going forward in time while it is beyond clear that this part of the universe is going back in time. Life on earth is a mere minute speck in the huge universe. Why is local life on this planet not experiencing what the overwhelming majority of the universe is undergoing?

Living in time, knowing nothing of it

Does it have something to do with an illusion or the fact that reincarnation plunges human souls in continuously repeating brief stints of physical life (Samsara)? Or both? Would mankind not have an entirely different perspective on this most likely enforced mechanism while immortal human souls should be free to uninterruptedly gather knowledge and consciousness for the eons that they have existed and as a result be a lot smarter and empathic than currently is the case? In the document ‘Evil and Theodicy in Hinduism‘ by Sunder Willett, on page 8 it says:

The above implies that karma – the human state of mind or actions – defines whether Samsara is perpetuated or Moksha is achieved. It therefore is of utter most importance how things are perceived; what the nature of thought and action are. Without living consciously a structured path towards Moksha, which is an escape from Samsara, is going to be very difficult. Where human souls end up after death therefore depends on the way how things in life are perceived.

The Cambridge Dictionary describes perception as follows: belief or opinion, often held by many people and based on how things seem. Note that it says seem and not are, seem being described as: to give the effect of being; to be judged to be. This means that perception is not necessarily correct. The way in which man perceives things could be entirely wrong. Man perceives that the repetitive stints of life (Samsara) continuously moves to a future, although going forward in time is experienced by only an extremely small part of the universe, while the huge mass that surrounds it is traveling in the opposite direction.

How is it possible that humans do not notice that this part of the universe is going back in time at incredible speed instead of forward at a snail’s pace? Is the human perception of time and its hidden purpose completely false? It certainly is suspect to being incorrect, since no one has ever been able to describe time in a satisfactory manner. If no human over many centuries was able to figure out what time is, the human perception of time may be hatched in a higher dimension, which may be why it remains beyond mankind’s ability to understand. In higher dimensions, time may be experienced in an entirely different way and entities of those dimensions could have brought down time into this dimension in order to soak up the energy, generated by fear, from the dwellers (humans) of a lower dimension. Bear in mind that those entities, called Watchers in the book of Enoch, had Godlike creative powers. Humans who have no adequate understanding of time, could never have invented and implemented it.

Having God-like powers does not necessarily imply that the entities in possession of it, behave like kind Gods, who humans prefer to believe are all powerful benevolent beings. In the book of Enoch the Watchers and their spawn the (half human bastard) Giants were described as utterly evil beings, that angered (the real loving) God so much that he caused the deluge to wipe out the evil entities and (almost) everything else along with it. In Greek and Roman legends and mythology the Gods were ruthless deceiving, perverse plunderers, abusers and murderers, which – again – is diametrically opposed to the flawed human perception. Humans commonly fear and worship Gods, the celestial criminals that have the power to curse the material human dimension with linear sequential time in order to impose cyclical systems that cripple the immortal human souls.

This would imply that the evil forces currently ruling earth from behind the veil are not from earth. The powers that be on this planet are merely henchmen that are temporarily rewarded for their treacherous services. That is what could be concluded from this minute part of the universe is going forward in time contrary to what the rest of the universe is experiencing, due to heinous intervention of celestial felons, as is mentioned in the book of Enoch. It may give mankind some sort of idea why life in this material dimension is as miserable as it is. The purpose of which is to incapacitate the original powers of the immortal human souls by trapping them in physical bodies over and again, so that their imprisonment leads to despair which makes them radiate negative energy, caused by fear and pain, on which the evil would be Gods thrive.

These would be Gods are our arch enemies – the Watchers and their nefarious spawn. Fearing them is what they want, because having fear is what quashes the true potential of the immortal human souls. Finding out what life in this dimension really is, is what reduces fear and makes mankind the original tantamount opposition of the evil ones. It is why I write this blog, in the hope that it will cause people to perceive the essence of life differently, if only one single person sometime, somewhere will.


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