Towards a transhumanist dimension

A two dimensional being can not imagine that lines crossing each other do not necessarily have to intersect, because that being only knows the X (length) and Y (width) planes. A three dimensional being is also aware of the Z (height) plane which allows to elevate or lower one of the crossing lines so that they do not intersect. This example clearly explains that existential perception is inherently connected to the type of dimension in which one lives. Three dimensional beings are capable of imagining that in the fourth dimension many of the limitations and paradoxes that define three dimensional life may not exist. They may not be able to experience it, but at least they can imagine it.

But in this three dimensional realm existence is subordinate to time as well as geometric restrictions. Linear time i.e., that in a broader perspective is cyclical. In 3D programs it is possible to draw anything in three dimension and even speculate what fourth dimensional objects may look like, but it is impossible to act as if time does not exist. A hypothetical fourth dimensional object is a tesseract, a four-dimensional analogue of a cube. In the fourth dimension a cube can both be smaller and larger than itself at the same time – both inside and outside of itself (a hyper cube), but the factor of time just can not be discarded in our three dimensional world. It is only possible to draw an animation on a timeline of this object within the construct of time. 3D programs do not allow to draw this object without the inclusion of the factor time, because – like everything else in three dimensions – mankind can only simulate three dimensions inside time. So, imagining a hyper cube tesseract in three dimensions can only be a hampered approximation.

Hyper Cube Tesseract

But although the rules of this third dimension restrict from accurately imagining and rendering fourth dimensional objects, it is possible to create a simulation that hints at what that object may look like in one dimension higher than the one in which human life exists, even though both the 3D program rendering capabilities and human perception fall short. On flat 2D monitors it is possible to animate 3D scenes and on holographic displays or immersive displays the rendering actually is done in three dimensions, but that is where the human ability to simulate dimensional scenes ends. It is impossible to render spatial objects outside of the fabric of time. Time dictates what is allowed in this dimension and there are no technical devices or systems capable of excluding it.

It is why human souls are trapped in a physical body, inside a three dimensional realm, inside time. This dimension is not evolved enough to offer a less restricted perception, which makes it a suitable prison for both physical entities in which ethereal souls are intentionally trapped to serve as a prison. To contain physical beings, gravity was invented to limit the travel reach of earthly life, while three rings of high radiation were placed around this planet, called the Van Allen Belts, that wax and wane and fluctuate in an out of existence. Somewhere in the 90’s of the previous century NASA engineer Kelly Smith admitted that a solution still had to be found to travel through the Van Allen Belts in order to prevent killing astronauts and frying spacecraft computers, even though the US claims to have put men on the moon already in the 1960’s (….).

Dualistic Manichaean world view

The absence of oxygen, water and food in space means it is a hostile environment to human life. Everything possible seems to be done to confine earthly life to this planet. Earth therefore is a maximum security prison built to imprison human life. But the properties of this universe make it suspect to being a confining system as well. Science claims that before the Big Bang there was a singularity in which time nor space existed (which is why everything could be contained in an infinitely small dot). Ever since the Big Bang primeval life was fragmented and scattered. Fragmented and scattered entities per definition are weaker than the previous whole of existence and therefore much easier to control and manipulate. Manichaeans claim that the Big Bang was an attack of the Prince of Darkness on the Realm of Light. So it could be considered that this universe in its entirety is the result of that terrorist attack. No such huge and complex measures would have been taken without a specific goal in mind. Mankind and other civilizations in the universe currently are right in the middle of the final stages of the process that began with the Big Bang.

The Manichaean world view, by the way, often is categorized as dualistic, but I believe it has properties related to those of the hyper cube, that is both in and outside of itself simultaneously, which the common, limited perception of three dimensional beings has interpreted to be dualistic, while in fact it has far more profound properties, most of which are outside of the scope of human imagination. This type of dualism is not two parties having opposing views, methods or identities, but rather have two (or more) different faces that not just concerns their appearance, but their essence that means different things to life in different dimensions.

Because part of the intelligent life in higher dimensions most likely also is trying to undo the fragmentation and scattering caused by the dark powers, earthly life often uses the following clichés: ‘As above so below’ and ‘A war is raging in the heavens’, but in any event, it is unlikely that the conscious people on this planet are alone in their struggle to regain the type of existence from which they were literally blown away, given the fact that earthly life is but a minute spec on the immeasurable canvas of life on the universal scale.

What has become noticeable clearly today is that a division is imposed on society that is presented to be necessary for people’s health, while in fact it alters the DNA of the inoculated as a preparation towards bioengineered existence, over which complete one way control can be exercised. The leadership seems to be in a great hurry to induce their campaign and targets the younger population especially. Changing the human DNA has to be achieved in one generation, which is why they are in a hurry and focus the vaccination program on young people, because old people are likely to die before the DNA-transition has been completed. Their window of opportunity is limited, which is why draconian measures are being put in place to carry out their program.

An other effect of the ‘vaccine’ is that it makes the injected infertile, which is yet an other hint at the fact that they need to accomplish the DNA transition inside of one generation’s time if possible, because the emergence of new generations with the original DNA code needs to be prevented. Admission of medication by law requires the consent of the person to whom it is admitted, which under governmental anti-covid measures is NOT the case. The longer it takes them, the more difficult it will be to realize their nefarious plan. The unvaccinated will be disposed of by shutting off their access to funds (which is why the social credit system and digital currency need to be put in place) after which preparations for transhumanism will have been completed. A creepy aspect of transhumanism is that trans-humans are no longer considered to be human and therefore can not claim human rights…. Apart from being rightless trans-humans will be controlled remotely. This combo of artificially induced properties will make trans-humans robot slaves. Not an appealing prospect, but it will be the future of mankind if current government policies will evolve in the direction in which governments have begun to enroll measurements and legislation.

But just as the victims of the enigma of time suffer from its elusive and seemingly inescapable properties, the controllers that strive for a transhumanistic world are equally bound by the restrictions of time, because the limitations of a three dimensional realm apply to all entities trapped in it.


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