Entanglement and bilocation don’t need time

According to a fallacious cliché there are two types of people: those who keep to imposed limitation and those who could not be bothered with that. The first category never gets anywhere where it is worthwhile or fascinating to be, while the second type of persons end up in places that range from splendorous to sinister. The latter either contribute to progress or induce rearward development. There seems to be no other way to change whatever is going on in this world than to think and feel oneself into the second type of mindset, with all the risks that such a choice includes. I recall what Woody Allen (of whom I am definitively not a fan) once said: ‘If we find ourselves at the crossroads of utter despair and total destruction, may we have the clarity to choose wisely.‘ In a cynical way, this about sums up the sort of choices there are for us to make in this material realm at this point in time.

A useful mindset

As I wrote in the beginning of this blog entry it of course is a somewhat immoderate view on the sort of mindsets that a dualistic environment allows its dwellers to have, but there definitively is a shard of veracity to it, shard’s definition being a broken piece of a brittle artifact. The sophistry concerning the truth has been going on for centuries, which begs the questions: ‘who benefits from that, why and how do they do it and what is their aim?’ Since the answer to this question relates to information that has carefully been kept away from the general public, it therefore is difficult convince people that it is directed against their wellbeing, particularly because they have been made to believe things that are diametrically opposed to what they have been told. For those who have the clarity of mind to determine that what nefarious occult groups strive for is not what genuinely human beings would associate with the truth, therefore the only way to properly respond, is diametrically opposed to the goals of those groups, which in fact is a return to what effused from the original source of life.

In view of this, it is important to know how mankind has evolved (under duress) from spiritual beings to physical beings. In its primordial state – a singularity in which time nor space existed – there existed none of the physical objects and events that epitomize today’s life. All limitations and paradoxes experienced now simply did not exist. The forceful introduction of time and space changed all that. It is extremely difficult to imagine in the current stage of being since it actually is limited by the insertion of time and space in which current life is immersed. So, to most that is how life is supposed to be, a setting in which life has developed for billions of years. Yet there still are remnants of the original state of life that persuade the conscious to think that it may not be the intention for life to be where it is today. Those remains being intuition and imagination (knowing things that can not and should not be known from evil’s perspective) on a personal level that current science has been unable to explain (the induced limitation and paradox aspect), as well as time and space on a much larger level.

How space time of this universe emerged, is a hotly debated matter by scientists that fervently disagree over the essence of the event. One of their proposals suggests that two huge branes (membranes much larger than the universe) collided which created mass and energy. Science though, is unable to provide hard evidence for the existence of such branes as well as the singularity, but mass and energy clearly now are contained inside time and space in this universe. How they ended up there remains a subject of speculation. What is not dead reckoning however, is that they rule our physical life and to some extent our mental experience. So, if man no longer wishes to be ruled by phenomena outside of his control, it must be understood how they control life, even is at this time time is not understood and the properties of space man has only begun to grasp. The properties of space beyond the mores of science that since Descartes has excluded the spiritual component of life, which probably is the stupidest thing allegedly intelligent beings could have done.

What is understood though, is that inside a singularity without time and space, everything is entangled. Entanglement in modern science it the relation between particles and clusters of particles, which causes them to react as if they were next to each other, affecting and communicating to each other, even if they have been driven lightyears apart at a later stage. In a timeless and spaceless singularity physical bodies can not exist, which gives rise to the suspicion that in that particular state life could only have existed in the form of one unified spirit. If the Big Bang, or whatever event then took place, fragmented and separated everything, the entanglement that modern science has just begun to discover, and because this was discovered, probably still is in tact, be it that the transition to matter – fragmentation and separation – has weakened the power of the primordial unified spirit. But what remains unclear is how intangible spiritual life could have been turned into physical existence and who or what caused that to take place.

An other aspect that proves that space is not unavoidable and absolute is that bilocation has recently been (re)discovered by science. Bilocation or multilocation means that one and the same object appears to be present in distinct spatial locations. This phenomenon long ago has been mentioned in Greek philosophy,[2] shamanism,[3] paganism,[4] folklore,[3] occultismmagic,[5] the paranormal,[6] Hinduism (as one of the siddhis),[7] spiritualismTheosophy,[8] the New Age[9] and mysticism in general,[10] as well as Islam (especially Sufism),[11] Christian mysticism[12] and Jewish mysticism. So, there seems to be a consensus with regard to bilocation between modern physical and ancient metaphysical circles, which makes it more widely accepted than some would have you believe.

Entanglement and bilocation or multilocation force science and those less educated, like me, to rethink the perception of time and space. To what extent do they determine life and to what extent do they affect mental perception? At some phase of contemplation it may allow man to untether life from them to make things possible that, until recently, were deemed to be impossible. The first thing to do is what I am trying to do in this blog: change the mindset to open up the shackles of perception that restrain thinking. Particularly since the two phenomena seem to be inseparably occurring, which means that objects can be in distinct locations and behave in sync at the same time. Although modern science up to now has discovered entanglement and bilocation only in the subatomic realm, not being restricted in time and space, could mean that time and space have a less of an inescapable hold over life than was believed to be the case until very recently. One of the reasons that science has not yet discovered that these phenomena also apply to supra-atomic objects is probably caused by the fact that it stubbornly ignores the spiritual aspect of life. It is a notable difference compared to the ancient religious and esoteric movements that actually did acknowledge the inclusion of the spiritual component of life.

So, it makes sense to go back in time to gain a more in-depth knowledge of time and space. Science can only see a minute part of the properties of existence as long as it ignores the spiritual aspects of existence, the remains of which still exist after what it labels to be the Big Bang. Do not wait for science to figure out its mistakes and include the power of the spirit by using the portal of the mind. Don’t be the type of person that mindlessly clings to imposed rules and induced consensus if you feel that life today is a far cry from what it once was intended to be.


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