Psychotronics and subtle energy

The previous blog entries serve to bring the wandering minds that ran across this blog up to speed concerning a general awareness about forgotten human spiritual powers, that I believe to be imperative to understand a way of life that has only a scarcely noticed interface with what is commonly perceived to be ‘normal’ reality. But being unfamiliar beyond the common scope does not mean there aren’t useful aspects to it. Humankind has landed in this unfortunate, situation in which science’ awareness has become incomplete because of blokes like Descartes who is best known for posing that consciousness and emotion have no place in scientific research (his rationalist tendency), which greatly influenced the trade since he made that calamitous claim. Generally speaking, if something can’t be proven, while one has an insuppressible hunch (intuition….) that there are but a few pieces missing to lay the puzzle, consider different angles that may be missing to look at the problem and do not exclude possible solutions before hand. Venturing into the unknown usually requires such an open mindset, because venturing into the unknown is what physical life is all about. But the level of open mindedness is intentionally restricted by beliefs imposed by those in power and therefore often not quite open minded at all.

Years later an increasing amount of scholars doing research in the fringes of academic ventures tend to embrace views that markedly differ from the French scientist’s views for good reason. This has become possible because the tools that have become available to advanced research have improved, which in turn has changed the perspective of those who realized that science has taken a turn into a blind alley in many respects, which prevents it from making real progress. It is a sad characteristic of life that is overly concerned with upholding randomly assumed, yet generally adhered theories and carefully built reputations, rather than tirelessly pursuing the liberating truth, even if ample evidence emerges that attests that outdated views are ready to be cast in the bin. In these confusing times controversy merely is used to bring up advocated polemics that have become all the rage, while sincere collaboration to arrive at a reasonable solution or acceptable compromise is terribly out of fashion. Unfortunately, only few see from where the wind blows.

The image above may be interpreted mainly by politically correct people (whose sense of decency usually is stealthily imposed by those that haven’t a shred of decency in them, but that are in control of organizations that control the common narrative) to be a provocative visual expression, but it nevertheless touches up on the heart of the matter. It has to do with inertial tendencies that often lead to flawed perceptions, thereby exposing the fact that human experience commonly is a process of trial and error, in which a lot of trials are purposed to keep errors alive, because those flawed views have persuaded funders to donate to the research of projects that are estimated to make them huge profits later. In this complex and greed riddled world science merely is a means to underpin the process of making money, although the majority of the general public hasn’t yet caught up to its actual role.

One of the relatively recent finds of advanced science, that in fact does have innovative aims, is the increase of knowledge regarding subtle energies that hint at a future in which life will (inevitably) be radically different from what it currently is believed to be evolving into, based on the crippled quasi knowledge of today. Subtle energies reflect the intent of the human mind incited by spiritual impulse that is drawn from the aether (never mind the ‘huh?!’ yelling programmed academics, misinformed and uneducated). The effect of these energies still is minute, probably because of the direction in which scientists like Descartes have navigated academic advancement (the blind alley metaphor), that as a result has a lot of catching up to do and a lot of purposely invoked bias to conquer in order to become a really useful asset to life.

One of the researchers who focuses on the workings of subtle energies is professor emeritus of the Stanford University William Tiller. The university was not pleased with the type of research that Tiller conducted and did not fund his work, because they feared that his work has the potential to disprove parts of the research in which the institution is involved, which would put the funding of their research at risk. The implications of his research surpasses the achievements of current regular science by a never before seen stretch . . . . The disapproval of corporate sponsors with Tiller’s work is based on the fact that they are interested in having their theories proven right (whether they’re flawed or not), because that might cause them to win profitable contracts and the fact that Tiller’s research is impeding with their concealed aims. Tiller nevertheless acquired a patron (a now diseased, undisclosed philanthropist) for his work and is assisted in his research by volunteers that believe that he is on the right track with the type of research that he is conducting.

Prof. William Tiller

Subtle energies are generated by the intent of the human mind and can be measured. Best known by tests in which the output of random number generators is purposely affected – even in retroactive ways. This implies that theoretically no devices or systems are necessary to alter and enhance the functionality of material objects . . . . In addition Tiller has constructed yet other types of devices that enhance the effect of intentions of the mind, which are the first step towards transforming these energies from being subtle to powerful (i.e. imbedding intention into material objects…… ). His work is called psychotronics which refers to the capacity of the human psyche to affect reality by focused intention. The term was introduced in the west (mostly for random trivial reasons) by Michael J. Weldon in 1980, editor of the quarterly magazine Psychotronics Video, who said that psychotronics was traditionally ignored and ridiculed by mainstream critics at the time of its release. In spite of this claim, I believe that psychotronics is the way towards making use of the full potential of the human mind. One just has to see beyond Weldon’s proclivity of creating mundane articles that to some extent serve to fill the pages of his magazine.

Psychotronics was developed in Czechoslovakia in the 1950’s by scientist Robert Pavlita who created generators that can draw, store, and transmit the life-force (also known as prana, ki or chi) energy of an individual. Pavlita’s generator was examined in 1964 in Hradec Králové by a team of the Medical Faculty of Charles University of Prague that confirmed that there exists an unknown type of energy (to science anyway), which could be used for conversion to kinetic motion, improving plant growth, water purification and non-magnetic attraction etc.

Dr. Robert Pavlita and his daughter

Pavlita was aware that the generator was able to store a form of energy disregarded by science, and he and his daughter performed secret experiments in this direction. One day, when Pavlita inadvertently aimed the generator at his daughter, she became sick and later fainted…. Pavlita then realized that his generator could be used for dangerous purposes (the merging of radio interference and parapsychology) and asked the Czech government of those days to stop researching the generator, because it could also serve as a weapon. The Czech regime discarded Pavlita’s concerns and began to pursue him – the genie was released from the bottle. When being discredited and persecuted by the Czech government, Pavlita decided to emigrate to the US.

When the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia Pavlita’s work was classified by KGB operatives, which later was also done by the CIA after he had moved to the US where the agency discovered the efficiency of Pavlita’s generators. This type of response to his invention by the secret services of the two most powerful nations in the world, indicates that there definitely must have been a potential to Pavlita’s invention that they chose not to ignore, while keeping it a secret to the rest of the world.

Pavlita’s invention was based on analog science, similar to the foundation of the pyramids in Egypt and elsewhere on the planet, for instance. In today’s society everything is being digitized, made binary and the knowledge of analog science has almost entirely been erased from the public and scientific domains. A consequence of this modern approach is that science has almost completely been separated from the human mind, which began when Descartes proposed the tragically flawed guideline that human consciousness and emotion have nothing to do with scientific research.

Pavlita and Tiller proved that there are different ways in which human consciousness can be put to good use in the advanced interaction with life. Their approach is closer to nature, more aligned with humankind’s original talents and capabilities and reduces human dependency of digital systems, that the ‘elite’ plan to turn into a global AI-system that is meant to rule the world and all life on and in it. Not too long ago the term that the powers-that-be use for it was allowed to be known in the public domain – Transhumanism, because mankind has been indoctrinated up to a level at which they welcome and embrace digital systems that one day will become the machinery of the global dictatorship controlled by the ultra-rich that the big kahunas of this sphere will use to rule their human slaves.

Note: The ‘elite’ most likely chose to base their system of domination on digital science instead of the probably more powerful analog science (think pyramids / ark constructions that, when not combined, have no power), because they are alien to emotions that they plan to use to control analog devices (or generators) and systems. It is why they get their panties in a twist (which is a machined simulation of emotion by which they aim to predict the outcome of an emotional state) that human may learn about the potential of psychotronic systems. This is an other argument for genuine humans to learn as much as they possibly can, as fast as they can about psychotronics. The inability of powers-that-be to feel emotions are reflected in the heartless and insanely cruel agenda that they are pursuing. It also is the reason why the ‘elite’ and their extraterrestrial and extra dimensional masters are interested in human DNA, because they think it holds the key to learn about the workings of human emotions, that might enable them to build and operate analog weaponry too. In addition they focus on disabling / destroying the human amygdala and pineapple glands (in these plandemic days by harshly poking an elongated swab into them during PCR tests), because they know they are an integral part of man’s emotional processes. There is a popular story to make people believe that extraterrestrial life intends to use human DNA to restore their own, because they took a wrong turn somewhere in history thereby creating a timeline on which their DNA was messed up, is just one of the ‘elite’s’ red herrings to make man believe bogus claims in order to be able to develop systems without being disturbed in developing them, at which they actually excel. In proto-Sumerian times the ET-god Enki already fiddled with Cro-Magnon and ET DNA to create modern humans, so they don’t need ours to rebuild theirs, but human DNA contains properties alien to alien DNA, including some aspects that Enki did not foresee while he was tinkering with the genes…. They attempt to add functionality to theirs, which is what they really are after.

Alter intention in a different direction

The CIA and KGB (now FSB) meticulously suppress information concerning psychotronic generators, because these devices can be used to efficiently oppose the AI-systems by individuals that do not have funds to create an opposition that is strong enough to fight the masters of AI on a level that poses a serious threat to the evil agenda of the ‘elite’, bearing in mind that because of the structured oppression of psychotronics, it can safely be concluded that digital systems can’t do a lot to ward off attacks by fully developed analog psychotronic generators and their future spin off devices. In the impending war between digital and analog systems, I suspect that the latter has the upper hand, in view of the measures that the (blackmailed and intimidated) traitors of their own species in secret service and government take to obstruct its development.

The site that was run by a guy named Michael Donovan has been taken off the Internet and even in the Wayback Machine there is little left of what that website once must have been. Related websites like the Russian site have also ceased to exist, which usually is a sign that someone high up in the global hierarchy wants a certain type of information to be unavailable to the general public and scientists who don’t mind to think out-of-the-box.

So, it probably makes sense for those that are destined to become slaves in the dystopian new world, to focus on the development of analog systems like psychotronic generators and subtle energies. Possibly more on these subjects in future blog entries. Here or elsewhere. If you got this, stay tuned.


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