Using language to interact with DNA

Nikola Tesla once said: If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Related to his quote is that whenever a human speaks, (s)he is generating a sound frequency, which is a particular energetic vibration. Using language is one way in which human communication is established. Words, each of which have a specific frequency, therefore affect the receiver of the message in a certain way. Other than causing a semantic understanding, words create a response that goes beyond what is considered to be their common purpose, which is reflected in the way that lyrics in songs affect the listener – some songs people hate, while others they love, even when they don’t literally hear what is being sung. In other words, words are able to mould a person’s mood by triggering an emotional reaction.

Nikola Tesla

Language causes a more profound impression than is commonly understood. All languages are structured according to a set of rules that are inherent to a particular language. Words have to be spelled correctly to comply with the said set of rules, which applies to the written form of communication. But long before mankind learned how to write, the spoken word was the only means of communication (apart from facial expressions, body language and art). Today word processors have spell checkers that serve to correct wrongly spelled words. The word to spell, as it is understood today, is related to putting a spell on someone from before writing was invented, which is to make a person to do things that the speaker wants or to undergo physical conditions that the speaker wishes to impose. Today not many are aware of this method of influencing others that stems from the ancient arts of sorcery and witchcraft. But that does not mean these methods of interaction have lost their effectivity. In this day and age in which man tries to explain things in an accurate way, scientists have figured out how this way of communicating actually works.

In the late 80’s of the previous century Russian researchers Pjotr Gariaev and Vladimir Poponin performed a number of mind boggling experiments that involved the interaction of human DNA with light (photons used in laser beams) and other types of frequencies. One famous result of their experiments was discovering what they called the ‘Phantom DNA Effect’, in which they found that photons in a laser light spiralled along the DNA helix (placed in a vacuum test tube) as if guided by the shape of the DNA molecule. What was even more astounding is that the photons continued to spiral after the DNA was physically removed from the area where it had previously been placed . . . . Up to that time people (including scientists) commonly thought that light could only travel in a straight line, but the result of this experiment proved them wrong. The photons kept on spiralling up to 30 days after the DNA has been removed, like it did when it was spiralling inside the DNA when it was still present in the test tube.

Pjotr Gariaev

But things became even more impressive after this amazing discovery. When Gariaev and Poponin zapped a mild laser beam through the DNA of a salamander onto that of a frog, the latter’s DNA remodeled itself to the structure of the salamander’s DNA. Note that the frequency of the laser beam was tuned to the frequency of the human voice (which occurs in a particular frequency range). From this, the Russian scientists concluded that photons are capable of carrying the DNA code information from one type of DNA onto that of an other, thereby reprogramming the DNA at the receiving end. In addition, the frog that was turned into a salamander was able to reproduce and after several generations did not return to being a frog again, which is difficult to achieve with genetically engineered animals.

The crux of what I wrote in the paragraph above is that the laser was modulated to the frequency of the human voice, which is the modern scientific version of putting a spell on the frog’s DNA. DNA of course has its own ‘language’ to interact within itself and with external DNA, but if it is possible to translate that language into human language, in theory it would be possible to accomplish altering the frog’s DNA with human speech in words that would contain the information of the DNA code of the salamander’s DNA. This would be very much like the ancient art of putting a spell on the frog and probably the reason why ancient magical words resemble non-literal vocal sounds rather than commonly used language. Abracadabra is an example.

Taking things further, realizing that the frequency of the laser beam used, is in the same frequency range as the human voice, it would make no difference repeating this process by using other means of frequency generation, as long as it is in the same frequency range as the human voice. Shamans’ chants do not necessarily bear resemblance with commonly used language. This is what Tesla meant when he made his claim. It is directly related to the psychotronics process about which I wrote in the previous blog entry. What the Russian scientists proved, is that the power of the human mind that uses the human physique (the ability to speak human language) knows no bounds and can in theory do everything and more than digital systems are capable of without using machinery and systems of any kind by exclusively using analog ways. Those who intend to progress to a level of spiritual prowess that is capable of withstanding and conquering the impending digital AI systems of the ‘elite’, should make sure that they are completely aware of these means of interaction and train themselves to improve the application of them. The powers that be, can build all the supercomputers and networks they want, but in the end analog means will vanquish them. So, invest in restoring original innate analog ways, to make sure that there is not a chance in hell that AI will be victorious. Mankind may not be able to do this without help, to which ancient prophecies alluded, which is a process Gariaev and Poponin reproduced, to which Pavlita added yet an other dimension. The final battles over the human souls are being fought, that stand in the way of total control by evil powers over this realm. Any contribution to crushing AI, however small, will accelerate victory. Do what you must do, to allow your soul to survive.


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