The relation between mind and matter

Today there is a little known and scarcely understood relation between mind and matter. Regular science says one has nothing to do with the other, which tempts most to mindlessly dismiss the possibility that there is a relationship. Things haven’t always been that way; in ancient times awareness concerning this relationship was far more common than it is in this day and age. To obtain a basic understanding of the relation between mind and matter, I wrote this blog entry. If acquired, those who understand that the relationship actually does exist, will be able to gain an understanding of the interacting bond between mind and matter. In this article I attempt to explain the relation in which the mind is capable of creating matter in the broadest sense – not just matter as in objects or life forms, but also the thoughts, acts and verbal expressions of living entities and radiation energy of inanimate objects, man-made or natural. Bear in mind that those living today still have a long way to go to obtain an understanding with which useful things can be done with related information, because over the centuries we have lost the ability to use the mind up to a level where it can affect aspects of life to a significant degree.

The easiest way to gain a basic understanding of the mind | matter relation is to go on the internet and search for information on the subject. Besides sources that are officially declared trustworthy by the establishment, there are myriads of others that do not write from a hidden agenda. I have come to realize that using a reader view plugin is the most effective way to learn, especially if that plugin contains a ‘read out loud’ function, that converts the website text to speech, which combined with the actual reading of articles, imprints the information offered effectively into the brain, after which it can be processed by the mind. One such reader view plugin for browsers that use the Chrome engine, like the Chrome browser itself of course and the Opera and Vivaldi browsers, can be found here, of which below you find the QR-code that will lead users of mobile devices to the website where the plugin can be downloaded and installed. I use the one called: QR Code Generator that works best on a PC or Mac desktop.

Tap, click or shoot with a mobile device to get the QR-code plugin

After downloading and installing the plugin, it is easy to take in the information by listening to it, that is presented on a website containing information, related to the mind |matter connection. Below this paragraph I have placed website links that include information that offer great information to start with. In the paragraphs I have written a short note describing the content of that site. The link to that site and the QR-code of that link are also included. The QR-code can be photographed with mobile devices, tapped on or clicked on to go the website.

The first site I refer to, is the Global Consciousness Project website, created by the Princeton University in the US, since what is described here explains the essence of group meditation to achieve certain goals. It aims to explain and scientifically prove that it is possible for the human mind to influence reality, especially if a group of people focuses on the same subject at the same time. The university measures the result (electromagnetic pulses) of projects that they have issued. Go to the site by clicking here or use the QR-code below to visit the site. Please read the brief introduction on that page.

QR-code of the Global Consciousness Project website

What inspired me to think about this matter is a quote by Edgar Caycy †, who was nicknamed the ‘sleeping prophet’, because he would descend into a sleep-like trance state to work his spiritual magic, who said:

That which has prevented and does prevent the whole of civilization becoming a turmoil is the attempt of those who have the ideals of the Prince of Peace at HEART! And as of old, the prayers of ten may save a city; the prayers of twenty-five may save a nation – as the prayers and activities of ONE may! but in union there is strength. Then if that purpose would be kept, then it must ever be kept in mind that we ARE our brother’s keeper!

Edgar Cayce, ‘the sleeping prophet’

Cayce’s words are part of an article that you find here. Below is the QR-code that leads to this article.

QR-code to Edgar Cayce’s website

The article reveals his prediction of an upcoming pole shift, but that is not what I would like to focus on; the words that I placed in orange type two paragraphs above this one mean that a small number of people is able to bring about big changes when meditating in union. Cayce knew what he was talking about, because with his spiritual powers he advised US presidents, CEO’s of big corporations as well as individual common people. He also healed many with the power of his mind from all sorts of ailments and discomforts, while never asking for a fee, leaving it to his patients and assigners to determine what they preferred to pay for his service or were able to afford. He also made many predictions of future events that had a great effect on the world, that later became reality.

Prof. Dr. William Tiller, who studies psychotronics or subtle energies

In a previous entry of this blog I mentioned scientists that were / are doing research of human spiritual power a.k.a. the power of the mind. In modern times these are often referred to as ‘subtle energy’ or ‘psychotronics’. In times long ago these energies were anything but subtle. However, after having lost the knowledge and to practice spiritual power, mankind of today has a lot of catching up to do. The blog entry I refer to you find here and it can also be reached by tapping, clicking or photographing the QR-code below with your smartphone or tablet and of course also on a Mac or PC.

QR-code to the subtle energy | psychotronics blog entry

If you have read the blog entry (including the links offered in that article) that I referred to above, you may have become aware of the fact that researchers on the advanced frontier of science have proven that the human mind is capable of affecting reality in a number of different ways. A more simple and down to earth explanation, that laypeople find less difficult to take in, is provided in the link to the article that I placed below this paragraph. You can visit it by clicking here or tap or click on the QR-code below or photograph it with a mobile device.

QR-code to the article ‘How to use the power of the mind’

Next, I like to share a video of an Indonesian man, nicknamed DJ (Dynamic Joe), who preferred to not reveal his real name. DJ heals people with the power of his mind and is able to affect his surroundings in all sort of ways; he can send electrical shocks (Chi energy as he prefers to call it) through his hands and stomach, make LED’s light up with his hands and even stop BB-gun bullets right at the end of the barrel. In this video he also sets a piece of paper of a journal on fire with his hand. Click, tap or photograph the QR-code below with a mobile device to visit the Youtube video.

Click, tap or shoot the QR-code to visit the video

The video shows the potential of the power of the human mind. DJ has been meditating for 18 years to achieve what he is able to do with his mind. But ordinary people, in cooperating in unison are also capable of affecting their direct surroundings or far away places with their minds, be it most likely not to the extent that DJ does. All they have to do is agree to focus on a particular subject and meditate on it at the same time. I would like to propose those who read this blog entry to find and gather friends and family to do the same. Today focusing on a better, peaceful, free and harmonious world would be a desperately needed thing to meditate on. People are able to make such changes, as was shown on the Global Conscious Project when people from all around the world successfully meditated on peace in the Middle-East.

Physicist Greg Braden

Finally, a word on the manner in which to meditate. After it had not rained for 5 years in a desert area in New Mexico | Colorado, physicist Greg Braden went to that area with his friend David, who was a shaman to make it rain. The shaman stood in the desert for a few moments, closed his eyes, spread his arms and turned his head to the skies. After a while he said: ‘I’m hungry, let’s go for lunch.’ Later that night it began to rain for a number of days, so intensely that the scorched plains and roads were flooded and the desert was drenched. When Braden asked David: ‘How did you pray to make it rain?’ David said: ‘I felt and smelled the rain and imagined my feet soaking in the mud.’ As if it had already happened. If you pray for rain, or ask for anything else, you basically acknowledge to the universe that is does not exist! But feeling, imagining that the rain is pouring over you and around you, making your hair and skin soaking wet, is confirming that rain has not fallen, because feeling the rain asks (in the language of the cosmos) that you want it to rain – to end the absence of rain. That is the proper way to communicate with the universe. Click, tap or shoot the QR-code below with your mobile device to visit that Youtube video.

Tap, click or shoot the QR-code with your mobile device.

For those interested, there are two apps for mobile devices that I would like to ad, since they respectively enhance Extra Sensory Perception and increase bodily health by forcing your mind to be focused on the exercises proposed:

  • The Wim Hof a.k.a. ‘The Iceman’ app in which you learn breathing techniques that he proved to be effective. Wim Hof has been put to the test by several scientific research groups and has climbed the Himalaya mountain barefooted and wearing nothing but a boxer short. You can download his app, available for both Android and iPhone here.
  • And the ESP Trainer app, recommended by laser physicist Russel Targ who was one of the founders of the very successful CIA Remote Viewing task force. Remote viewing is using the human mind to travel through space and time and observe / influence events in other places and times. Places as far as 500 million lightyears away from earth have been remote viewed; what was viewed there was confirmed by science only 50 years later. The mind can travel to the past and to the future as well, while the remote viewer stays in a location elsewhere in the present.


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