Clear instruction on how to create your own reality

One of the most underestimated mindsets is being mindful, better known as practicing mindfulness, which is being continuously profoundly aware of yourself and the environment in which you are in. It is the key to becoming able to affect things in life by letting consciousness take over from the induced and programmed mindset to which each human subjected from even before the instant of birth through the blood chemistry we share with our mothers. Her state of mind, eating patterns and use of legal and illegal drugs all affect the composition of the blood and lymphatic chemicals that she shares with the unborn. In this regard the first 6 years of a child’s life are very important for the person’s perception and influence it has later in life, because in those early years the foundation is laid for the interaction that person has with the nature of his or her life, because the groundwork for consciousness is shaped during those first 6 years.

And before that the first six months of a child’s life are of great importance, because in this period 250,000 nerve cells per minute are created (to finally add up to an average of 100 billion neurons) – that trigger impulses the child brain is capable of processing. Connections between neurons that are made in this period will persist throughout a healthy life and connections that are not established, disappear. These connections shape the scope of a person’s perception, as does the lack of it. This is why Europeans, who have never seen a Chinese face very in early life, find it difficult to distinguish the faces of Chinese people, while to many Chinese the faces of Europeans all look alike. This does not only apply to visual impulses, but to the entire spectrum of impulses humans perceive and process throughout life. The first 6 months of a human life is the first window of opportunity in which our abilities and inabilities are formed. It hints at the fact that a person’s environment is closely linked to the way in which people perceive what is occurring inside of it. This environment can be a few square yards around a person or many square lightyears; it is up to the child’s parents to which extent the potential of a child is established. It however does not mean that perception can not be altered / improved / expanded later in life, but such a process requires an effort that can only be achieved with a lot of energy, open mindedness and determination.

In the first 6 months and 6 years human consciousness is built on various levels

The formative period of consciousness in a person’s life to a great extent determine what a person is able to to later in life. Since we have all been programmed by cultural, psychological and intellectual traits of our parents or the absence of parents, we pass on that mode and level of perception to our children, even by not being part of our children’s lives. It therefore is very difficult to escape from the values that have been embedded in our perception and awareness, most of which are just modes of thought and feeling that were accepted as being normal, while in fact many of them are not, because children of that age simply lack the ability to discern if what they were taught or shown is right or wrong. At that stage children are totally open to whatever their parents and environment feed them. Many of those impulses limit us instead of allowing us to make use of our full potential. In a sense all of us simply continue the spiral of upbringing and education without knowing what is really important to pass on and what is detrimental to the development of a proper consciousness. This is why evil factions in this world stress ‘to get them while they’re young’, in order to limit and program a person’s perception that is best done when victims are still very young. Those that, as a result of this nefarious agenda, are unable to make use of the full potential of the human mind, simply create a reality that is characterized by the limitation and paradox that were programmed into their being.

Like many other seekers for the undisputable truth, I strongly feel that I am guided through space and time in order to find things that help me develop my consciousness by forces that want me to expand what has been given to me in the care given by my parents, the education I received and the participation in society. In no way do I consider such events to be coincidental. Adhering to the existence of coincidence, merely is a misperception of those who are trapped in this materialistic dimension to sweep a phenomenon under the rug that its logic is unable to explain in a plausible way. Coincidence is more of a synchronistic communication with forces in my environment that are not separate from me, since I am a part of a much bigger whole that defines life. Coincidental events are governed by forces in my environment. To ignore them is missing an opportunity to grow. This video may persuade you to perceive things differently than they are commonly presented:

Extremely useful practical hints on how to improve your health, well being and future prospects

If you have always wanted to get a grip on the reality in which you live, but were always disappointed and frustrated by the advice you were given, this video most certainly is an offer of a different kind. No fuzzy new age bunkum or quasi mysterious meditative rubble, but straight to the point, down to earth and well formulated advice on how to escape from the obtrusive subconscious chatter that blocks you from reaching higher levels of perception and skill in this life time – because you just can’t switch off your subconscious mind’s perpetual rambling. Yes, it takes determination and a tenacious approach to succeed, because you have to undo a lot of things that shaped you into the person that you are. In this video above it is explained exactly how and why you must do certain things in clear language to literally open up new worlds, using the power of your mind. First and foremost however, you must be mindful, become as fully aware of who you are and in what situation you are in as deeply and persistently as you can. When living according to the advice presented, you may at one point begin to understand why you (and everybody else) is here and what your purpose in life is or what you can do to improve your life and that of others with whom you are in the same boat that is existence in this material dimension in which matter matters less than you have been told.

As is explained in the video, 95% of the time you are bombarded by chatter from your subconscious, because you were programmed to allow this involuntary interference by the subconscious part of your mind all your life. Persistently and consciously fight it and force yourself to be coherent in your feelings and thoughts – make it a habit and the habit will become a virtue. Once you have reached this stage you have opened the door to create your own reality. It most certainly is worth the effort.


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