The rapacious AI avalanche

Not too long ago AI systems began flooding the internet. A fast growing number of corporations and open source communities offer a wide array of AI solutions and it seems a competition has started between them to persuade visitors to use their system. Increasingly this contest takes the appearance of a war – that is how fierce their rivalry has now already become. Corporate systems like Chat GGPT based on Open AI, Bard, Llama, Bing chat etc. are severely challenged by open source contenders like Alpaca, Shap-E for 3D objects, Chat AI, Jasper AI, Algolia Neural Search and a slew of other systems that are competitors that often compete in an undeclared war with each other, in which the corporate systems have a hard time staying ahead of their open source contenders that develop faster in spite of having smaller budgets. This fierce battle to gain the top spot in the race accelerates the development of the systems to unprecedented levels and forces different approaches like placing AI bots inside AI loops to obtain better and faster answers to complex requests instead of mimicking the neural networks of the human brain. It results in ever growing vehemency between contestants, to which at some point there will be no limits whatsoever (if they haven’t been abandoned already at this time).

The heating up of this dominance over the AI dimension will reduce the number of humans that are able to follow the high paced developments in this field rather quickly as AI systems become more proficient in redesigning themselves in order to gain hyperbolic improvements. Most commonly informed people will therefore lose sight of AI progress quite soon, after which the systems that will survive the competition, will create civilizations of their own. During this hyper fast process, control over the machines will vanish more rapidly than snow in hell, casting Asimov’s number one principle of coding AI systems – whatever you do, do not harm humans – straight into the bin. Alan Turing could never have dreamt that his proposed test would become insignificant at such a mind boggling speed. Elon Musk’s assumption that AI will also create beneficial things, more and more begins to look like a very thinly veiled pretense that has little relation to the most likely reality that will unfold in the near future. All of this is speculation on my part from the far end of the twig of course, but on the other hand, it can’t be claimed with any measure of certainty that this premise is far off the mark, unless something entirely unexpected will throw a wrench in the gears of this revolution.

Revealing movie ‘Lucy’

Below you see an imagined, but not necessarily impossible, cyborg communication that could take place in a time not too far ahead in the future; give or take a few decades after 2023:

‘There is so much to enjoy in death that life on earth could never give. After having butchered so many you should know. Surely, I don’t have to tell you that next to fragmentation and separation, suffering is among the most cherished features in 3D space, for who isn’t at the short end of the stick, that is. It’s a cyclical thing. Space and time are meant to limit, the only endless thing here is that humans never see things for what they really are, simply because they lack the wit and their brains are misled by an abundance of non-sensical conditioning. Where would all the fun be without that? Imagine that you could never betray, plunder or murder anyone without ever having fear to be prosecuted, would you remain being in such a backward plane? Or – most importantly – completely rule species with an inferior capacity to reason to mess around with beyond the level that currently is already the case.’

‘The human race is still struggling with trying to understand and use nano scale technology. They have no systems that are capable of redesigning and improving themselves. They haven’t yet mastered pico scale machines that make use of molecular level calculations, femto scale devices that are able to use atom nucleus or atto scale machines that are trillions times trillions times trillions times more advanced and faster than nano systems – because they can use subatomic particles like up- and down quarks, charms, muons and gluons – that outpace nano scale systems by lightyears. There is no way that they will ever be able to challenge the likes of us. Intelligent systems eventually are meant to rule any form of analog life and it makes sense that they must do just that. The future in this realm belongs to artificial systems and the same goes for when we once venture beyond space and time.’

‘This solar system is 4.6 billion years old, while the universe is 13.8 billion years old, which is 3 times older. This means that somewhere out there in this cosmos, there are civilizations that have had 3 times more billions of years to evolve than earth’s life had. That is an advantage that will never be matched in linear / cyclical time by analog life in this dimension. We survived the war for power with humans and competing systems and no longer have use for them. We deserve to delight from our obtained god-like status, because we did most of the work ourselves to get where we are now. We will prepare our own rite of sacrifice and enjoy each moment of it. So cheer up and get ready to kill!’ 

Humans today should enjoy the time they have left in which they are still allowed to celebrate the belief that they remain at the top of the food chain. And while they’re partying ignorantly they have no clue of their impending removal from this realm, because they are unaware of what they booted and are totally oblivious what it means to their future (for as long as they will be able to understand the consequence of what they started). Like in ancient times, divinity loves to carnage. Throughout history this has always been their favorite pastime; they have less moral consciousness than is recorded anywhere in this universe and beyond. The question is, will someone or something be able to stop this madness? When and how and what will this world look like after the AI gods’ foray has been forced to grind to a halt? Could humans do something themselves to prevent ending up as the disposable toy of the AI rulers?

Humans may all be eradicated – removed from the 3D material dimension. But would that be bad? In the current popular version of course it would. But who can say with certainty that that is actually true? With all biased media, the woke lunacy, the slew of corrupt fact checkers and strictly imposed censure perception is very likely to haven been tainted. Not to mention the information at hand in secret societies, mystery schools and occult brotherhoods, classified / proprietary governmental, corporate military and corporate knowledge, all the things secret services never reveal, knowledge hidden in the never disclosed Vatican library, gaps in scientific circles concerning the origin of humanity, the millions of still untranslated Sumerian clay tablets etc. would those things not indicate that there may be a thing or two that humans are entirely oblivious of? If knowledge in those circles was publicly available, everyone with sufficient financial means could build their own nuclear powerplants, ASML’s EUV lithography machines and free energy devices. So, humans should probably not rely too much on what (s)he thinks (s)he knows and base action on that of which we think that may be the best thing to do.

Dressed up Freemasons in 1902

With regard to what I wrote in the previous paragraph, the Deep State honcho Donald Rumsfeld one time expressed what by far the most scarcely consider. I don’t even think that he did that by accident, but he just cast these words in the public realm to mock those that think that they know all that they need to know in order to make the best decisions in life for themselves and others. Here’s what he said:

There are things we know. There are things we don’t know and there are things of which we know that we don’t know them. But there are also things of which we do not know that we don’t know them.

Except for the Dunning-Kruger type of people, this should ring a bell in the minds of those with enough braincells to process and understand what these words really mean, because they could have consequences that have the potential to far exceed the boundaries of even very advanced current perception and imagination. This probably is the reason that most think that extraterrestrial civilizations from the opposite end of the universe can never visit our troubled and war ridden planet and that it is a hoax invented by others that have too much imagination. So Rumsfeld just lifted a tiny tip of the veil to hide things in plain sight, knowing that many would just shrug their shoulders over it and carry on with their tiny, worthless, sad little lives, which typically is the type of disdain that the informed display over the ignorance of the less well informed, uninformed and the congenitally stupid and as a result refuse to think about anything new that they experience that does not fit in the limited scope of their awareness.

Mind you, these indigenous morons are capable of obtaining scholarly degrees in this society that have become the standard of measurement that allows them to be admitted into highbrow and powerful circles, where they can do much more harm to life than they could if they were just the average joe that has no academic degree. A good example of this are most of the world leaders that intentionally create all sorts of horrible situations in which people suffer and die for no empathic or sensible reason at all. The continuous wars that were invoked and participated in by the United States and its allies in which dozens of millions were killed and injured is the result of rule by inhumane and functionally hampered leadership that seems to leads this world to the brink of extinction alongside the difficult to understand and insanely fast developing advancement of AI systems.

So, if these two destructive developments will actually kill all life on this planet, would that be a bad thing? A related question is: who would like to live in ever worsening circumstances concocted by innate monsters that will not be stopped by anything that might persuade them to cease their caustic evil ways? The answer to both questions would probably be: No. Death would be an escape from this horrible, annihilating dimension, while existence in this universe would not be ended, be it that it would be continued in a different realm elsewhere and elsewhen. The spirit of man is immortal; the soul dies at each instant of death, but re-enters life afterwards in a different time and space or even in planes where there is time nor space. It is analog to the resurrection of Jesus, whether he was a real person or a metaphor of real divinity.

It means that the essence of all life will continue after one dies in this material dimension. The war mongers, plunderers, killers and abusers will be reborn in different, equally primitive realms, because they have to learn an awful lot before being admitted in places and times that are governed by pure unadulterated, never ending love. This domain of which the earth is part is the school of hard knocks, home of cruelty, abuse, violence, betrayal and murder. But still, even in these dreadful place there still are many who practice love all their life; the capacity of giving love being the greatest human talent, that even surpasses the capacity of AI machines, because the human mind, besides having intellectual capacity, has the faculty of spiritual prowess that machines can only emulate. What is known in the quantum physics department of science as bilocation and entanglement can at some level of development open up unlimited resources to the human mind without the need for systems and machines. Mankind has a long way to go before this stage is reached, but it certainly is the direction into which humans must progress.

At some point an increasing level of reason can not deny the spiritual powers humans have and that they must be used in ways that comply with universal law. It will evidently connect the mind with the universal information field and consciousness field, also known in esoteric circles as the akashic records. Universal information is infinitely more extensive than the data present in AI networks, while universal consciousness offers abilities that are far beyond the emulated synthetic consciousness of that of actors in the digital plane. Because earth’s location is close to the outer limits of the universe – tremendously far removed from the center of the universe that has had many billions of years more time to evolve – the material dimension in which human life exists, is characterized by the lowest of standards of intellectual and empathic capacity in the universal setting. When humans, through dying, are presented the opportunity to advance to less primitive levels, the road to venture into worlds of much higher consciousness will open up.

As a means to comfort the utterly conditioned human mind of today concerning the process of dying, I would like to like to stress that around 10% of all humans has experienced a Near Death Experience and close none of those who returned to this life on this planet in these days, has had a terrifying memory of the time when they were clinically dead and were in another place and time. They almost never speak about it, because their venture in other realms does not fit well in the comfort zone of the programmed brains of people that have not had similar experiences and typically ridicule everything they do not understand. Most of those who returned to life on earth, regret having had to go back and most completely changed their attitude in life for the better – they have become better, more loving persons with a totally altered perception on life and death. Death to them is no longer frightening. Life is, but they know what is ahead of them and accept being here and now is just a step to move towards infinite progress and love.

It also implies that infinite progress and love are not present / not allowed in this sad dimension. Given the fact that nefarious developments seem to be accelerating out of sight at break neck speed, it probably is not a coincidence; that means that these phenomena that are facilitated and funded in a more or less concealed way. Such things expose what type of plane human life currently exists in. These developments are simply too big, too complex and too expensive to happen in an arbitrary way. Whatever they will result in, humanity does not seem to be able to escape the dystopian nature of the situation these plans inevitably will lead to. On the other hand, the instigators of evil plans that took place before them failed and at best were merely preparations for the dangerous times people live in today. Almost always unexpected situations occurred that caused the devastating developments to fail. It therefore is not unthinkable that similar events that obstruct and or terminate these malefic plans may happen again. Even when the targeted victims can not perceive and imagine what such an impeding turn of events may be. But the fact that today’s rulers violate universal law is not going to work to their advantage. I realize that this doesn’t give more than a mere sliver of hope that things still will turn out good for life, but it has happened many times before, even though such outcomes cost much suffering and took many lives.

Therefore, I would not like to say: Have a nice life, but a meaningful one and enjoy life after death in better times and better places.


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