Generate free energy anywhere

As is commonly known, energy is the foundation of existence in this material realm, even though the latter term has become disputed in circles of physic science, pertaining to the fact that when zooming in to the appearance of there is nothing but a void. Even matter is considered to be condensed energy, the building block of life, including inanimate matter. As a result of these views, energy can not be dismissed when forming an opinion concerning life. Each form of life perpetually needs energy in order to be able to exist. In this dimension the supply of energy has unfortunately been monopolized by a small number groups that therefore have gained immeasurable power over those unable to generate energy themselves. The suppliers defend this prerogative with all means possible, including murder. They have maneuvered themselves in a position by all thinkable ways that allows them to ignore any law without fearing legal punishment, in other words they exist and operate above all laws. With moderate effort events can be found in books and on the internet that reveal the measures taken to prevent people who have invented ways to become less dependent or independent from the energy supply industry. Therefore those who have invented devices or systems that are a threat to the energy supply monopoly, are hesitant to share their findings, since they are aware of the fact that their research may put an end to their presence on earth.

Engineers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMASS) have however recently shown that nearly any material can be turned into a device that continuously harvests electricity from humidity in the air. The secret lies in being able to punch the material with numerous nanopores less than 100 nanometers in diameter. The research appeared in the journal Advanced Materials. According to the UMASS team that created the invention, lead by professor Jun Yao, their Air-gen system can be a reality at low cost, as a result of which electric energy can be collected from the humidity in the air anywhere, without the need for sun light or wind. The UMASS invention differs from previous attempts to collect electricity from thin air, because it can be done in basically any material, thereby making the need for expensive materials and alloys unnecessary. This basically means that the production cost of such power generators would be quite low. By the way, the last link leads to an article by the Smithsonian Magazine, published by the Institute with the same name that has obscured many historic facts during its existence and later denied their existence without blinking an eye. So I hope this is not an ominous sign.

This is of course a brilliant idea if it is true, but could also persuade energy companies to make the inventors ‘disappear in a dodgy way’, like Stanley Meyer who invented a device that could make cars run on water only, because it would cause the oil barons to end up without bloated bank accounts. Or like David Radius Hudson who had invented a substance that would send human intelligence and health through the roof. On June the 14th in 2014 he ‘suspiciously passed away’ in a car accident after which the U.S. Government confiscated all his research into his invention of the white powder of gold, also known as ormus and platinum field for national security reasons and all his patents were confiscated for the same dubious reason and removed from the patent office register. Decades earlier Nikola Tesla’s notes were similarly raided by the FBI immediately after he ‘died’ and many of his patents were removed from the archives of the patent registration office at the same time.

So, inventing free energy systems or devices or anything that can make people too healthy or too smart, is a fatally dangerous thing to be involved in. The government and intelligence communities from all over the world have a reputation of defaming, bankrupting, incarcerating or killing people when they deem them to be a threat to ‘national security’ or corporate and military interest to ensure that the power structure that is favorable to them and their cronies remains in tact.

Static electricity dischargers on an aircraft wing

Anyway, back to the invention. When looking at the earth’s atmosphere, there approximately is a static electrical potential in the air of 100 volts per meter of increased height, meaning at 300 meters height there is 30000 volt potential in the air and at 600 meters 60000 volts and so forth, according to the well known Dr. Richard Feynman in his book ‘Lectures on Physics’. This is why aircraft have many electrical dischargers on the trailing edge of the wings to relief the plane of static electric charges. It also is why lightning bolts are formed at high altitude in the clouds where there is a high enough measure of static electricity to burst out in a lightning bolt. Clouds contain countless water droplets, each of which has a potential. In the right conditions lightning bolts are created, but humans do not know of a way how to capture and use lightning’s tremendous electrical charge and make sensible use of it. What professor Jun Yao and his team did, is to create a multi layered material environment mimicking the structure of a cloud that is punched by a huge number of holes of approximately 100 nanometer. Water droplets in those holes behave in the same way as they do in the cloud, but because their conduct takes place in a controlled structure so that the electrical charge they produce, can be captured and stored.

3D nano material weaving that is the base for the UMASS invention

The current density of static electricity is very small; about 10 picoamps per square meter, so the challenge is to pack enough positive ions that descend to the negative surface of the earth in a reasonably small device to make it usable for every day practical use, but again, according the UMASS team this is feasible. I hope to live to witness this and hope that during the development and production process nobody gets killed for participating in the program or that it gets patented by a corporation that will charge for too much money for it and or detune the invention so that is of less use to consumers. In any case, this invention seems to be a step towards construction and purpose of ancient inventions that were built in the past that to modern eyes seem to have little or no significance, similar to that of the pyramids, which function is the subject of much speculation, most of which make no sense at all, because we have not yet noticed the unobvious details of the objects and therefore do not understand the physics that makes them work. This invention may be the beginning of an evolution towards an increased understanding of still unexplored aspects of physics that could be applicable in many ways. This, by the way, is one consequence of this invention, that could incite powers that be to block the result of the research done in this direction, which commonly is achieved by killing the scientists involved in the research.

The people ordering these assassinations are part of the military industrial complex that drive governments to wage perpetual war for profit alongside the billions of dollars that are in the military budget (which will likely rise to a trillion dollar in the next annual US congress budget meeting). They don’t mind if millions are killed in wars, let alone if they think that a handful or scientists or inventors need to be wacked in order for them to continue their profiting and plundering. They bribed and / or blackmailed politicians and legal officers to continue their ruthless forays to avoid just punishment for their actions, because for them laws only apply to commoners and not to the upper echelons of society. While the streets of large American cities are flooded by homeless people and many Americans can’t afford health care insurance the and academic education has become hugely expensive the ‘elites’ continue to spend incredible amounts of tax payer money on financing their war machines. There probably could not be a worse time to come up with a brilliant invention than in the current political left ideologist globalist rulership, particularly if it impedes with their nefarious revenue campaign. But perhaps times will change for the better sooner than anyone thinks or hopes.


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